Behaviour problems and difficult dogs

We have owned many dogs over the last 40 years and trained 1000's. We know that however careful you have been problems can develop.
We assess the situation in a friendly, relaxed and safe way. Then we agree on suitable control and management to give immediate help and make life easier for both the owner and the dog in the short term. We then work with the owner and the dog to identify the causes of the problem and work on exercises to provide long term solutions.

We specialises in stock socialisation and stopping chasing
 (sheep,stock, joggers, bikes etc)  

Other types of problems we work with regularly are

  • Aggression towards people and dogs 
  • Running off
  • Jumping up
  • Pulling on the lead

We use positive training techniques directing the dogs into desirable behaviours and extinguishing the unwanted behaviours. Punishment and aversion techiques may give the impression of giving quick results but they usually lead to worse problems in the long run.

The initial assesment and training lasts about one and a half hours and costs 50.
Follow up sessions usually last one hour and costs 30.
All follow up email and telephone advice is included

We find home visits are sometimes needed but they are very time consuming and expensive so we will only do them where they are essential and they are priced by agreement.

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