Herding & Sheepdog Training


Our dog Ty with our small flock of Wiltshire Horn Sheep. He is holding them back so we can put food down for them without being knocked over by them.

Introduction to Sheepdog Training and Herding Assessment workshop.

Find out how to go about training a sheepdog and why your dog behaves in certain ways

Assessment - How is your dog with sheep - not interested, sheepdog, potential trialist, chaser.  
Find out and have a suitable plan for your dog.

If your dog has potential we can take you through the basics of  starting your dog on sheep.

The initial assessment and training session usually lasts about one and half hours and costs 60. If your dog is not interested we will only charge you for the time you have taken up.

Follow up session usually last about one hour and cost 40.

Herding Assessments are for pastoral breeds. We will accept all breeds from herding origins but not terriers or lurchers, dogs can be of any age from 6 months as their assessment will be done to suit the dog ability.

If your dog has potential we can get you started on the basics and advise on your ongoing training depending on what your aspirations are i.e. do you want a working farm dog, or to compete in sheepdog trials, or pass a breed working test such as the Kennel Club herding test for Border Collies.

Jane and Bonnie a cautionary tale

Jane came to an introduction workshop with her young dog and she also had an older dog called Bonnie with her that she had been given as "she wouldn't work sheep". She was however keen to round up chickens. At the end of session we gave her a quick look at the sheep and she seemed like she could do it. Time had run out that day so a few weeks later Jane came back on her own with both dogs but the aim was to give Bonnie a decent go. Jane had developed her own commands for working the chickens with Bonnie including chicken noises for encouragement. It made for an amusing session but very soon we had Bonnie circling the sheep and developing a decent outrun. Jane left very satisfied and I had put her in touch with "All About Sheepdogs" for more advanced training. She has now started training with Richard Alvis who I sometimes train with and is very experienced at training dogs to work on farms. The only trouble is Richard is quite a long way from Jane and she needs to practice regularly.

The answer Jane is now the owner of an expanding flock of easycare x dorset ewes and is renting some land for them.

So be careful buying dogs from farmers who say they will not work sheep you never know where it will lead. 

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