We do individual training for puppies and young dogs but we are not doing puppy classes anymore as we found they cause as many problems as they solve. A lot of puppies and young dogs just distract each other and make training difficult.

There are puppy classes locally but I would suggest you go and look at them first as we spend a lot of time sorting out the problems they cause.

For socialising the most important thing is to get your puppy to as many different places as possible and make sure it is a positive experience.

It is the same with meeting  other dogs. The quality of the dogs you let her meet and what you train her to do when meeting them is more important than quantity. 

Our 121 puppy training is based on 30 an hour. You would probably need a full hour the first time. Follow up sessions last about half an hour. You will get more help training and advice in one session than a six week block of classes. We use our own dogs for socialisation and we can guarantee they will be suitable. 

Later on they can join a suitable class to do agility, gun dog training, searching and tracking and we have guest trainers come to run specialist workshops. 

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