Residential Dog Training

Sometimes the best option for training a dog is for it to come and stay with us for a while and we will train it for your. We find the best results are when the dog can stay in the home with us and our other dogs. If this is not appropriate your dog can stay in one of our kennels. We like to start by having an assessment session that lasts about an hour and a half. We then agree on what sort of training would be best, how long to do it for each day and how long the dog will stay with us. Some people like to leave their dog with us to be trained while they are away on holiday. If you are not going away you can visit you dog at any time and watch the training if you want.

At the end of the dogs stay we show show you how to continue to reinforce the training. You can come back for follow up training if you want and we will give you backup support by email or telephone.

Boarding in the home or kennels is based 15 a day and the cost of training is based on 20 an hour. In most cases at least half an hour a day is needed to make reasonable progress. 

Unless we already know your dog you will need to have an initial assessment and training session which will last aroiund one and half hours and cost 50.

Follow up sessions cost 30 for one hour.

We can provide -
basic training recall, walk to heel, sit, down, wait.
More advance training agility, searching and tracking.
Problem solving chasing and aggression
Sheepdog training  

We will keep you updated on your dogs progress and where possible send you video of the training.

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